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Time In The Market

Time In The Market

June 12, 2020

As a young advisor, I have been fortunate to work with many high-net worth clients and business owners, along with managing their portfolios for our firm.

I relish the opportunity to get to our clients and firm through all times – Good and Bad.

By being young – I haven’t had the pleasure (sarcasm) of living through too many recessions, bear markets, wars, or political controversies.

However – I have spent countless nights studying historical events, the effect these historical events have on markets over time, and have had many conversations with those who have lived through and enjoyed great success through all times.

What I have learned is myself, any advisor, or any portfolio manager out there should always be focused on the long-term while managing portfolios.

The way our human brains want to work in the moment, is to make the moment feel bigger than it really is.

The reality is that changes occur gradually over time.

The only thing you will ever be able to control with markets - is the amount of time you spend being invested in them.