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Additional Services

An important part of the equation in properly managing clients’ wealth and investment strategies is focusing on the big picture. Strata strives to incorporate additional value-add services through our team of advisors and associates, as well as working with third party providers. Additional services which play a key role in determining the success of managing clients’ financial situations include tax planning, estate planning, risk management, and life planning.

Tax Planning

Tax planning is essential to individuals, families, and businesses. Whether you need assistance on your personal tax returns or your business needs help with tax planning, Strata works in conjunction with your CPA or tax preparer to ensure your goals are met. Several of our advisors are former CPAs and we work with a number of CPA firms who specialize in these services. We will help both you and your accountant with communication of taxable events and implementation of strategies. Our goal is to help you optimize your building of wealth, while minimizing the burden taxes play on your financial situation.

Estate Planning

The culmination of wealth building is creating a lasting personal legacy for you, your family and your community – and maybe even the world. Estate planning may seem perplexing at first, as most people do not know where to start or the proper questions to ask. As a Strata client, you will have us by your side to help you achieve the appropriate plan for your desires. We work in tandem with your attorney or can help you find one locally who fits your needs. Our clients take advantage of our facilitation of family estate planning meetings throughout this process. We can be with you from start to finish to assist you in including all of your goals and the documents are written correctly to bring your goals to life.

Risk Management

Strata can help you evaluate your home, auto, disability, long-term care, liability, and life insurance needs. Part of our new client transition and data gathering process is to understand what you have in place and what options may be needed. We provide some services in-house and work with several third parties to help you achieve the appropriate solutions for your unique situation. The goal is to protect your assets and your loved ones at the best available cost.

Life Planning

Life constantly throws us curveballs no matter how hard we try to avoid them. At Strata Financial Group, we have 80+ years of client relationship experience between our team of advisors. Our advisors have helped clients through numerous life events: marriage, college education, job transition, health challenges, divorce, or the loss of a loved one. We are privileged to help you through these moments and hope our practice can support you during these emotional times.